News Feed Transparency

I've designed and shipped multiple transparency products for News Feed, including the "Why am I seeing This" tool and the Favorites management surface.


News Feed Controls


August 2018 - Current


Product Strategy, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping

Why Am I Seeing This

Why Am I Seeing This is a tool that increases transparency of Facebook ranking and helps people understand why they see content on News Feed. We launched the tool for connected posts in April 2019, and for recommended content in April 2021.

In the tool, we highlight the main signals used to rank posts in feed, including a user's past interactions with the poster, their interactions on similar types of media, and the popularity of the post. Additionally, we offer education and controls so people can manage the future content they see.

Since launch, we've received considerable coverage of our product, including mentions from The Guardian, Techcrunch, and The Verge.

Favorites Management

My work on Favorites includes the management surface shown above. Here, we disclose the friends and Pages that are currently prioritized by the News Feed algorithm, and provide transparency about the signals that Facebook uses to make that determination. People can then override our model by adding the friends they choose to Favorites.

For more info on these projects, including detailed case studies, please contact me via email.