In 2016, I was the project lead and designer in a team of 4 engineers working to develop a marketing site and admin portal for Replate. Today, I continue to work part-time as a design advisor.


2016 - 2019


Product Manager, Design Lead, Frontend engineering

Replate screenshot

Replate is a Berkeley nonprofit organization founded in 2016 that aims to reduce food waste and hunger in the community. Replate collects food donations from other businesses and hires drivers to transport the extra food to other nonprofits and homeless shelters. I began working with Replate through Blueprint, a club I was affiliated with in college.

Even though Replate is a relatively new nonprofit, they're growing incredibly quickly and have recovered over 1 million pounds of food. My team in Blueprint developed a dashboard for businesses to request donation pickups, with the following features:

As a project leader, I delegated tasks to my team members and managed product development. Additionally, I designed the website and worked on engineering.

Replate dashboard

For more info on this project, including detailed case studies, please contact me via email.