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Blueprint is a student-run organization at UC Berkeley devoted to technology for social good. Each semester, teams of 5 students work closely with a local nonprofit to develop pro-bono technological solutions to the problems they face every day.

Projects I developed and designed for:

  • Project Leader for Re-Plate, Fall 2016 [Github]
  • Social Justice Collaborative, Spring 2018 [Github]
  • Forte Academy, Spring 2017 [Github]
  • Bizworld, Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 [Github]

As part of a rebrand the club initiated in Spring 2017, I also redesigned our website and rewrote the frontend code. This included the outward-facing static pages, as well as an internal admin portal for evaluating student and nonprofit applications. Our website needed to be clean, modern, and accessible, since it's the first point of contact for many potential clients.

See the website

Website homescreen

You can read an excellent summary by Vanessa, our design director for Spring 2017, on our club rebrand here.

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